Connect wallet Guidelines

At CFPoly, our crowdfunding platform operates on blockchain, utilizing smart contracts to power our platform. This revolutionary system gives users complete control over the campaign creation process, while still adhering to the clear rules and guidelines established by our team. Rest assured that we are committed to providing a fair and transparent fundraising environment for all our users.

We are proud to offer our support for fundraising campaigns across a variety of categories, while working tirelessly to optimize our list of categories for the best user experience possible. To ensure consistency and ease, we've narrowed down our guidelines to a few key points that we kindly ask all of our users to keep in mind.

To have a successful fundraising campaign, it is essential to aim to produce a deliverable product that will benefit your contributors and other users of your final product. We encourage creators to be transparent and honest, providing accurate information regarding their product's current stage of development. We must honor our contributors' trust by being forthright.

Projects on our platform should not include anything from our blacklist. We take our rules very seriously, and contributors can be sure that we will quickly dissolve any campaign repeatedly violating our guidelines or deemed inappropriate. While we don't offer a dispute resolution service, our stringent guidelines and rules ensure a trustful, thriving, and transparent community.

Ultimately, at CFPoly, we value respect, honesty, and transparency in all our community interactions. We believe that this sets the foundation for a fair and flourishing community, which is what we strive for every day.

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