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CFPoly - Crowdfunding Platform on Polygon Chain

Welcome to CFPoly, the blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform on the Polygon Chain. Our mission is to make crowdfunding simple and easy to understand. While there are many crowdfunding websites available, our platform stands out as a user-friendly and efficient option that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology.

Why Yet Another Crowdfunding Platform?

You may wonder why we decided to launch another crowdfunding platform. The answer is simple - we believe that we can provide a better experience for project creators and backers. Unlike most platforms that are connected to banks, we use blockchain technology to simplify transactions. We also chose Polygon as our initial chain due to its low fees, speed, and reliability for non-financial applications. Additionally, we are actively exploring the integration of other chains to expand our user base.

Low Fees Will be Getting Lower

On CFPoly, creators can launch fundraising campaigns for free, and backers can contribute to those campaigns with a minimum single contribution of 10,000 Wei. We offer only one type of campaign to keep things simple, and creators have control over the campaign duration. At the end of the campaign, we subtract a commission of as low as 1% from the funds transferred to the creator's wallet. Our commitment is to bring the commission rate down to as low as 0.01% as we strive to make CFPoly the go-to crowdfunding platform.

It's Secure

It's important to note that we take our responsibilities seriously. We keep the majority of campaign data off-chain, but all funds are stored on the blockchain and controlled by our smart contract. We only have access to the commission. If we need to dissolve a campaign, the contributed funds are never lost. Contributors will be informed and given the ability to withdraw their unused contributions.


We are delighted to inform you that our website is currently in beta mode, and we are continually striving to enhance our platform to offer a better user experience. While we acknowledge that certain vital features like a creator-backer communication channel have yet to be enabled, please be assured that we are diligently working to make them available soon.

Additionally, we have plans to expand our support for other chains in the near future, as we seek to revolutionize the crowdfunding industry. We cordially invite you to join us today on CFPoly and become part of this exciting new product.

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